Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name Thomakis?

We named “Thomakis” after Christos’ dad, Thomas Chaldeos. He passed away when Christos got his Red Seal chef certificate at the age of 21. Thomas had always been the driving force for Christos to get some sort of certification for his education, and he always regretted that Christos was never able to cook for him professionally. So, Chris wanted to honour him. “Thoma” is Greek for Thomas and “Thomaki” is a nickname meaning “little Thomas.” Miriam and Christos' first-born son is also named Thomas after his grandfather, just like Christos is named after his grandfather.

How do you pronounce it, anyway?


How do I order?

We open up our pre-orders for the following week every Thursday at 8pm! For our most up to date pickup & delivery schedule please check out our delivery page.

How come when I enter my postal code, it doesn't let me choose a pickup or delivery slot?

This means one of two things! For pickup, this means that we've sold out of all our pickup slots for the week. For delivery, it means we're either sold out our delivery slots, or you are outside of our delivery zone.

Where do you deliver to?

Please click here to see the cities we service on a weekly basis. We hope to eventually expand to more cities and provinces in the future!

How long does your yogurt last?

We suggest consuming your yogurt within 12 days of receiving it.

What makes your yogurt better?

It’s the passion and procedure that makes it great. When we first made it, we spent months testing and perfecting until we got it just right. We’re perfectionists and we can’t help but do everything at 100%. It’s not just about extraordinary flavour; it’s just as much about who makes it, how it’s done and why.

Our yogurt is not only nutritious, it’s as smooth and creamy as you’ll ever taste. It’s hand-crafted and super fresh because we make it in small batches, which is also why it’s indulgently close to ice cream. We do it the traditional way: hanging, with no filler, additives or preservatives. But even in its simplicity, there is sophistication. And that comes out through our infusion of culinary flair and our daring to be different with every flavour and batch.

Define “traditional Greek yogurt.” How is it different?

We make our yogurt with fresh dairy milk, the way the Greeks have been doing it for three centuries. We respect that tradition. All yogurt is a fermented dairy product, but the Greek method of straining the yogurt in cloth bags gives us more protein than standard yogurt, and less sugar. It’s tangier, more intense in flavour, and thicker because we remove most of the liquid in the process. We don’t add thickeners or fillers.

What about the glitzy health benefits?

Greek yogurt contains nearly double the protein as regular yogurt, but half the carbs and less lactose. It has digestion-aiding probiotics (as dieticians tell us) so it promotes good gut health, heart health and can aid in weight loss—according to Healthline. Plus, it’s natural. We use local cow’s milk from the Fraser Valley, so you bet it's fresh. 

Here are the highlights: Protein: Protein revs the metabolism and helps us regulate appetite, signaling to our brains we are sated. Greek yogurt is chock-full of it—about 10.5 grams of protein per 100 grams!

Nutrients: Hard to believe, but yogurt’s got just about everything the body needs nutrient-wise: half (49%) of your daily calcium intake for strong bones and teeth, plus vitamin B and riboflavin for a healthy heart.

Immune booster: The jury’s still out, but experts indicate that eating yogurt regularly can make your immune system stronger, thanks to its trace minerals, like zinc, magnesium and selenium. And the probiotics yogurt contains can reduce inflammation and aid healthy digestion.

Read more here.

How should I enjoy it?

We recommend enjoying it for breakfast with our crumble and/or fruit topping, as a healthy protein rich snack, as a low-cal dessert, or as dinner party parfaits. Since we deliver to our members, our yogurt is really the perfect easy and nutritious work-from-home COVID food, too.

Why don’t you make vegan or dairy-free yogurt (yet)?

We’re starting with the basics, doing what we do best, and doing it the way the Greeks have for thousands of years with just two ingredients: cow’s milk and starter culture. We will absolutely look at vegan alternatives down the road. We care deeply about the environment, as well as friends who must, or choose to, eat a plant-based diet.

But for now, we’re starting small. That said, our brown sugar and oat crumble is gluten-free. It’s fair to note that some of our lactose-intolerant customers have told us they can actually eat our yogurt, though it’s made with cow’s milk, without any issues. While that might not be the case for everyone, we wonder if that could be due to the absence of fillers and chemical additives in our yogurt. Short answer: stay tuned!

Are you copying the competition?

Look, emulation is the biggest form of flattery. Maybe we didn’t reinvent the wheel, or yogurt either, but we’re obsessed with making the best traditional Greek yogurt North America’s ever tasted. And the most interesting yogurt they’ve ever tasted, too. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s distinctly Canadian.